Make America Great Again

5. of February 2017

See here President Trump's 100 days' executive plan to Make America Great Again. Pic Copyrights Dreamstime.

Global tension jumps to 21 percent in May

6. of June 2017

Normality dampens Trumpomania.

Tactical solutions to migration issues

31. of May 2015

EU immigration authorities must help illegal migrants reintegrate outside Europe

Putin: Time's Man of the Year 2014?

1. of January 2015

Who wants to be lead by this man? Copyr. Dreamstime

Clint Eastwood saves Steve John's life

9. of February 2014

GW Award holder performs saving technique as golf tournament director suffers from respiratory blockage. Copyr. Dreamtime.

Sex tourism in south Asia and Europe

12. of October 2013

Jerry Lee condemns sex trade, now part of international hotels in China. Pic. crights Dreamstime

Jerry Lee's world concept exposed

3. of October 2013

Get all of Jerry Lee's tweets since Jan 15, 2012 in pdf format.

Iraq is falling apart

1. of October 2013

Bomb blasts kill at least 54 people in Shi'ia's Baghdad. Pic. copyrights

Violent protests against Egypt's SCAF

4. of May 2012

Protests against the Supreme Council of Armed Forces leave 20 dead and more than 59 injured in 2 days. Pic. copyrights...

US Elections 2012

4. of May 2012

Jerry Lee will offer no support to Obama this time around. - Pic. copyrights

Al Qaeda Militants Attack Iraq

5. of March 2012

27 police officers killed in SIXTH massive operation against the central government of Iraq, after last US soldier quits Iraq....

Gw's Award 2012 goes to Angela Jolie

16. of February 2012

In times of uncertainty, people see Jolie's spirit as "hope and the way forward". Pic. Angela Jolie -

Egypt bars foreigners from leaving the country

27. of January 2012

Islamists strain relations with pro-democratic movements - and states. Pic. copyrights

Damon's disillusioned with obamania

23. of December 2011

Jerry Lee demands real leadership to help people access the middle class. Pic:
Health/Environment - Policy 200.99
To reduce pollutants in air, water and soil to sustainable levels.
To produce only clean renewable sources of energy to replace nuclear and fossil-based energies.
To protect wildlife in Oceans and on Earth by reducing fisheries and hunting.
To increase the number of protected national parks.
To prioritize Health and Environment over economic efficiency.

05/12 2007:
Protecting the Environment

Jerry Lee believes that health is intimately related to the Environment, that Science should work at the service of people, and says we need a balanced environment that provides for clean air using renewable instead of fossil-based sources of energy to prevent climate change. He says we must abandon nuclear energy, which is too dangerous to assume for what it provides, and until we can neutralise radioactivity. See gw's Policy on Nuclear Activity and articles on Solar Energy and Bio-fuels. He says, we need enhanced wildlife and a sustainable use of natural resources with, for example, limited fishings and greater preservation of forests and the creation of more protected natural parks. We need 100% organically grown food, where synthetic fertilizers or pesticides have not been used anywhere in the food chain. He says we need a better education system, and a social structure, which allows and encourages human relations based on respect. We need a tailored education system where individuals are valued for their abilities, and allowed to unfold.

Issues that oppose these needs must be addressed, and coordinated international solutions must be given accordingly. Jerry Lee supports Kyoto's protocol and its revision in 2006 at the United Nations conference on climate change in Nairobi. See gw's Global Warming. Jerry Lee also strongly condemns nations who refuse to ratify treaties aimed at improving the Environment, because human's health condition depends on the state of our planet's environment.

Jerry Lee believes R&D in all fields of Science should be promoted to preserve or improve individuals' health condition and quality of life. In many cases, however, Science investigates symptoms, considering them as illnesses, when in fact they're simply a reflection of smaller psychological or physical disorders. You may want to have a look at, just one such example of where pharmacology offers a large selection of pills to treat a condition, when Nature does a great job on its own in solving the same problem.

Fundamental policy change on Palestine

17. of January 2017

The Iran nuclear deal sets the beginning of a conflict of values.

May Iraq sectarian violence reaches near-record height

1. of June 2014

No end to violence in sight despite US troop withdrawal - Pic. copyrights

Shin Dong-hyuk gets GW Award 2014

18. of March 2014

Jerry Lee is honored to award this man of extraordinary spirit and courage the GW prize 2014.

Drone attack kills civilians in Yemen

13. of December 2013

A US drone attack killed 15 civilians yesterday. Attacks spur sympathy for Al Qaeda.

A revolution that ruined the country

29. of October 2013

Sirte gunmen in Libya snatch USD 54m from a bank van.

Clint Eastwood receives GW Award 2013

18. of April 2013

Jerry Lee is honored to award this man of sound social and economic stances the GW prize 2013. Copyrights Dreamtime.

US housing market recovers

5. of April 2013

US home sales jump in final quarter of 2012. Prospects good for 2013.

US Congress supports idea for 'drone courts'

9. of February 2013

Jerry Lee opposes 'Drone courts' idea. Will not substitute regular courts and guarantee people's rights.

Iraq VP Tariq al-Hashemi sentenced to death

9. of September 2012

Fugitive vice-president sentenced to death in absentia after found guilty of running death squads.

Baghdad not in control of Iraqi oil in Kurdistan

3. of August 2012

Kurdistan defies Baghdad on oil exports - furthers partitioning.

When civilians die, they call it 'Total War'

13. of March 2012

A fool Allied soldier kills 16 civilians in Kandahar villages - copyrights

Double veto against the Opposition in Syria

6. of February 2012

Again, Eastern powers align with Jerry Lee's policies: no street-revolution! Pic. Vladimir Putin, PM of Russia -

European Debt Crisis

18. of January 2012

Jerry Lee explains the phenomenon - and what needs to be done to avoid a cataclysm.

US Marines urinate on dead bodies

13. of January 2012

US Marines urination: 'deplorable' or 'Despicable'? Jerry Lee asks US Officials.

Speaking of Human Rights Violations...

25. of February 2011

Investigators say NATO killed 50 women and children in Afghan operation last week. Search Sitemap E-Mail
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