Make America Great Again

5. of February 2017

See here President Trump's 100 days' executive plan to Make America Great Again. Pic Copyrights Dreamstime.

Global tension jumps to 21 percent in May

6. of June 2017

Normality dampens Trumpomania.

Tactical solutions to migration issues

31. of May 2015

EU immigration authorities must help illegal migrants reintegrate outside Europe

Putin: Time's Man of the Year 2014?

1. of January 2015

Who wants to be lead by this man? Copyr. Dreamstime

Clint Eastwood saves Steve John's life

9. of February 2014

GW Award holder performs saving technique as golf tournament director suffers from respiratory blockage. Copyr. Dreamtime.

Sex tourism in south Asia and Europe

12. of October 2013

Jerry Lee condemns sex trade, now part of international hotels in China. Pic. crights Dreamstime

Jerry Lee's world concept exposed

3. of October 2013

Get all of Jerry Lee's tweets since Jan 15, 2012 in pdf format.

Iraq is falling apart

1. of October 2013

Bomb blasts kill at least 54 people in Shi'ia's Baghdad. Pic. copyrights

Violent protests against Egypt's SCAF

4. of May 2012

Protests against the Supreme Council of Armed Forces leave 20 dead and more than 59 injured in 2 days. Pic. copyrights...

US Elections 2012

4. of May 2012

Jerry Lee will offer no support to Obama this time around. - Pic. copyrights

Al Qaeda Militants Attack Iraq

5. of March 2012

27 police officers killed in SIXTH massive operation against the central government of Iraq, after last US soldier quits Iraq....

Gw's Award 2012 goes to Angela Jolie

16. of February 2012

In times of uncertainty, people see Jolie's spirit as "hope and the way forward". Pic. Angela Jolie -

Egypt bars foreigners from leaving the country

27. of January 2012

Islamists strain relations with pro-democratic movements - and states. Pic. copyrights

Damon's disillusioned with obamania

23. of December 2011

Jerry Lee demands real leadership to help people access the middle class. Pic:
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Russia may be selling S-300 missiles to Iran
Homeless in Italy to eat Caviar on Christmas
Iranian police closes offices from Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi
Protests cause chaos after police kills 15-year old in Greece
China assails France after Dalai Lama meets with Sarkozy
Amsterdam to close half of its brothels and marijuana coffee-shops

US, Russia and others refuse to ban cluster-bombs
Thai court bans PM and ruling party for five years on electoral fraud
Terrorist attacks kill more than 100 people in Mumbai
Indian naval waship destroys pirate mother ship

Somali pirates hijack seventh ship in 12 days

Suspected ETA chief arrested in France
75 die in Haiti school collapse
Serial bombings kill at least 68 in India's state of Assam

30 killed in strong Pakistani earthquake

US cross-boarder raid into Syria kills 8 people
Floods kill dozens in Yemen
169 Indians die crushed in overcrowded Temple
Kidnapped tourists freed in rescue operation near Chad
Car explosion kills 17 in Damascus, Syria
Finnish gunman kills 10 students with pistol and explosives
10 European tourists kidnapped in Egypt
More infants, now 13'000, poisoned by tainted milk in China
US to spend 700 billion on bailouts to protect financial sector
Terrorist group Islamic Jihad in Yemen kills 16 at US embassy
Hurricane Ike's death toll rises to 50 in the United States
Lehman Brothers files for chapter 11, AIG in trouble
Russian plane crashes with 88 on board, all die
Bush to relocate some US troops from Iraq to Afghanistan
Haiti storm kills 500 in poor neighbourhoods
Thailand declares state of emergency to end protests
EU cuts talks with Russia
Russia recognizes the independence of Georgian enclaves
Plane crash in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, kills 68 in new air tragedy
Taliban suicide bomb near Islamabad - Pakistan kills 67
US-Poland sign missile deal
Plane crash in Madrid Barajas leaves 153 passengers dead

Al-Qaeda bombings kill at least 43 in Algeria
Russia starts pulling out from Georgia under international pressure
Russia occupies Georgia as diplomats sign truce
Poland and the US sign missile-defence agreement
Terrorist bomb explosion kills 18, injures 45 in Lebanon
Nightly floods and mudslides kill 62 people in Vietnam
Georgia fires rockets into South Ossetia, Russia responds
Dirty Beijing's air not worrying chinese authorities as Olympics start
Iran continues to reject any nuclear deadlines
Lybia suspends oil exports after Kadhafi's son arrested in Geneva

War criminal Radovan Karadzic arrested near Belgrade
North Korea agrees to nuclear disarmament
360 Kg of uranium poured into river after French nuclear accident

Seven UN peacekeepers killed by Sudanese militias

Rice signs missile defense deal with the Czech Republic

Ingrid Betancourt freed by Colombian military-intelligence agents,2933,375481,00.html
North Korea destroys emblematic part of its main nuclear reactor
North Korea hands over long-awaited nuclear dossier

Dry lightnings cause more than 800 fires through californian forests
Typhoon Fengshen capsizes ferry with 800 on board in Philippines
Iran rejects new deal proposal to abandon uranium enrichment
Prostitution blooms in poor, traditional Afghanistan
Acciendental blast kills Hamas commander and six others
US and Europe seek new sanctions against Iran
US negotiates long-term military alliance with Iraq

Turkish supreme court blocks amendment to lift ban on headscarves

Pentagon fires US Air Force leadership on nuclear safety incidents
Nuclear incident at Krsko forces reactor shut down,2144,3390187,00.html
111 countries sign treaty against cluster bombs

Iraqi International progress recognition at ICI summit
December 2007 Progress report from Globalsecurity

Relations warming up as China invites Taiwan for talks
Dutch scientists achieve firts woman's DNA sequencing
FARC leader Marulanda said to be dead since March 2008
NASA's Phoenix lands on Mars
Suleiman elected President by lebanese parliament
Saudi Arabia spends USD 500 million in UN food aid
Anti-war Edward Kennedy found seriousely ill
Lebanese rivals find deal to end the violence
Terrorist attack kills 60 and wounds 150 in India
More than 13'000 feared dead in China's earthquake
Earthquake may top 50'000 deaths
Libanon violence revives fears of civil war
15'000 feared dead in Burma's storm,8599,1737378,00.html
Toll soars to 22K deaths and 41K missing after Burma's cyclone
78K dead and 56K disappeared in Burma's cyclone, new
estimates believe
French woman bared six children from adoptive father
Woman sexually abused and held captive for 24 years by her father

More news in Global News 2009

Fundamental policy change on Palestine

17. of January 2017

The Iran nuclear deal sets the beginning of a conflict of values.

May Iraq sectarian violence reaches near-record height

1. of June 2014

No end to violence in sight despite US troop withdrawal - Pic. copyrights

Shin Dong-hyuk gets GW Award 2014

18. of March 2014

Jerry Lee is honored to award this man of extraordinary spirit and courage the GW prize 2014.

Drone attack kills civilians in Yemen

13. of December 2013

A US drone attack killed 15 civilians yesterday. Attacks spur sympathy for Al Qaeda.

A revolution that ruined the country

29. of October 2013

Sirte gunmen in Libya snatch USD 54m from a bank van.

Clint Eastwood receives GW Award 2013

18. of April 2013

Jerry Lee is honored to award this man of sound social and economic stances the GW prize 2013. Copyrights Dreamtime.

US housing market recovers

5. of April 2013

US home sales jump in final quarter of 2012. Prospects good for 2013.

US Congress supports idea for 'drone courts'

9. of February 2013

Jerry Lee opposes 'Drone courts' idea. Will not substitute regular courts and guarantee people's rights.

Iraq VP Tariq al-Hashemi sentenced to death

9. of September 2012

Fugitive vice-president sentenced to death in absentia after found guilty of running death squads.

Baghdad not in control of Iraqi oil in Kurdistan

3. of August 2012

Kurdistan defies Baghdad on oil exports - furthers partitioning.

When civilians die, they call it 'Total War'

13. of March 2012

A fool Allied soldier kills 16 civilians in Kandahar villages - copyrights

Double veto against the Opposition in Syria

6. of February 2012

Again, Eastern powers align with Jerry Lee's policies: no street-revolution! Pic. Vladimir Putin, PM of Russia -

European Debt Crisis

18. of January 2012

Jerry Lee explains the phenomenon - and what needs to be done to avoid a cataclysm.

US Marines urinate on dead bodies

13. of January 2012

US Marines urination: 'deplorable' or 'Despicable'? Jerry Lee asks US Officials.

Speaking of Human Rights Violations...

25. of February 2011

Investigators say NATO killed 50 women and children in Afghan operation last week. Search Sitemap E-Mail
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