Make America Great Again

5. of February 2017

See here President Trump's 100 days' executive plan to Make America Great Again. Pic Copyrights Dreamstime.

Global tension jumps to 21 percent in May

6. of June 2017

Normality dampens Trumpomania.

Tactical solutions to migration issues

31. of May 2015

EU immigration authorities must help illegal migrants reintegrate outside Europe

Putin: Time's Man of the Year 2014?

1. of January 2015

Who wants to be lead by this man? Copyr. Dreamstime

Clint Eastwood saves Steve John's life

9. of February 2014

GW Award holder performs saving technique as golf tournament director suffers from respiratory blockage. Copyr. Dreamtime.

Sex tourism in south Asia and Europe

12. of October 2013

Jerry Lee condemns sex trade, now part of international hotels in China. Pic. crights Dreamstime

Jerry Lee's world concept exposed

3. of October 2013

Get all of Jerry Lee's tweets since Jan 15, 2012 in pdf format.

Iraq is falling apart

1. of October 2013

Bomb blasts kill at least 54 people in Shi'ia's Baghdad. Pic. copyrights

Violent protests against Egypt's SCAF

4. of May 2012

Protests against the Supreme Council of Armed Forces leave 20 dead and more than 59 injured in 2 days. Pic. copyrights...

US Elections 2012

4. of May 2012

Jerry Lee will offer no support to Obama this time around. - Pic. copyrights

Al Qaeda Militants Attack Iraq

5. of March 2012

27 police officers killed in SIXTH massive operation against the central government of Iraq, after last US soldier quits Iraq....

Gw's Award 2012 goes to Angela Jolie

16. of February 2012

In times of uncertainty, people see Jolie's spirit as "hope and the way forward". Pic. Angela Jolie -

Egypt bars foreigners from leaving the country

27. of January 2012

Islamists strain relations with pro-democratic movements - and states. Pic. copyrights

Damon's disillusioned with obamania

23. of December 2011

Jerry Lee demands real leadership to help people access the middle class. Pic:
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International Policy
International Policy Development:
LYNov 23, 11Residuals of a street revolution
LYApr 22, 11NATO's fiasco in Libya extends conflict and sufferings
WDFeb 22, 11Network revolutions bolster irrational exuberance
WDJan 17, 11Introducing Non-Shared Freedom in drug use
WDDec 15, 10Wikileaks destabilizes the international order
WDNov 15, 10Social development needs no hypocrisy
MXAug 25, 10Latin American leaders turn their back on drug fighting policies
FRJuly 12, 10Bettencourt's scandale reveals double standards in politics
ILJun 14, 10Israeli marines' assault on aid ship isolates country further
USMay 31, 10Environmental disaster adds pressure on oil industry
EUMay 15, 10Greece gets EU/IMF support as bailout mania survives
WDApr 30, 10Goldman's case is evidence of a crisis' MISmanagment
WDApr 14, 10Defective performance is a magnet to chaos
WDMar 31, 10Military interventions that oppose human nature
USMar 15, 10Swiss health system, a growing dinosaur
USFeb 28, 10Bloomboxes to replace fossil and nuclear-based energy
GBFeb 14, 10Opting for a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT)
USJan 29, 10What, if the financial industry had not been subsidized?
HAJan 15, 10Haiti shaken by 7.0 earthquake
WDDec 31, 09Image scanning at airports to further violate private sphere
WDDec 10, 09In some countries, organs are retrieved without a patient's consent
KENov 25, 09Human tragedies call for improved long-term social development
ITNov 19, 09Rome meeting on hunger taken lightly despite urgency to act
CHNov 10, 09Crisis in Swiss-Lybian relations escalates
AFOct 31, 09Oxfam says Afghans need more aid
NOOct 20, 09Obama receives Nobel Peace Prize amidst controversy
FROct 10, 09French Culture Minister caught in political scandale over sex life
CHSep 30, 09Roman Polanski arrested in Zurich, Switzerland
USSep 16, 09UN finds evidence of Israeli and Hamas war crimes in Gaza conflict
WDSep 9, 09Bullfighting kills 10'000 bulls each year worldwide
MAAug 26, 09Malaysian model accepts sufferance as a mean of education
USAug 18, 09Attitudes on bonuses not changing despite US Pay Czar
GRAug 10, 09Elgin's carving up of the Parthenon haunts British Museum
ILJuly 31, 09Major change in international policy towards Israel needed
USJuly 15, 09US growing need for money strains others
IRJuly 8, 09Important religious group in Iran backs Reformists
PKJun 26, 09US drones in war zones in Pakistan are being misused
IRJun 17, 09Reformists in Iran confronted to a theocractic reality
FRJun 10, 09The Socialist Group loses 50 seats in the EU Parliament
PKMay 28, 09Pakistani government responds violently to Taliban's aspirations
USMay 13, 09Miss California's biased views discriminates minorities
CHMay 6, 09Keys to prevent spread of swine flue and other viruses neglected
SLApr 28, 09Sri Lanka vowes to end civil war by crushing Tiger separatists
KEApr 16, 09Kidnapping in a world where freedom is misunderstood
GBApr 7, 09G20 does not answer issues on protectionism
WDMar 27, 09Economic depression looming as leaders seek easy solutions
USMar 17, 09Loss-making businesses reward employees with public money
USMar 5, 09Radiation exposure increases health risks, CESP needed
USFeb 23, 09US Justice Department threatens Swiss bank secrecy
USFeb 13, 09Public money to finance birth and living of octuplets
DEFeb 05, 09German government rebukes Pope Benedict XVI and the Vatican
CHJan 31, 09Exclusive leaders meet in Davos with more of the same ideas
GAJan 14, 09Norvegian doctors say Israel uses Gaza as military "test laboratory"
GAJan 6, 09Israeli tanks push deeper into Gaza with a view to destroy Hamas
ITDec 29, 08Authorities offer illegal caviar to the homeless in Milan
USDec 18, 08FDA clears Stevia for mass consumption, 20 years after rejecting it
USDec 8, 08US congress readies new bailout to save Big Three
WDNov 26, 08World economy nearing a state of chaos
USNov 19, 08GM seeks Treasury help to avoid bankrupcy or liquidation
USNov 4, 08Barack Obama elected first black US President
GBOct 22, 08British Prime Minister Gordon Brown sees global financial recession
WDOct 9, 08World financial crisis wipes USD 12.4 trillion out of stock markets
USSep 25, 08700 Billion bailout-plan may not be good enough
USSep 17, 08Financial market turmoil may turn Economy into Depression
INSep 09, 08India joins the nuclear club - without signing the NPT
EUAug 28, 08The European Union studies international sanctions against Russia
RUAug 13, 08Russia and Georgia sign truce five days after start of hostilities
GOAug 8, 08Georgia attacks South Ossetia to impose sovereignity on the region
CNAug 7, 08Dirty air in Beijing not taken seriousely by Olympic officials
USJuly 16, 08The Bush administration turns jacket on Middle-East policy
USJun 28, 08Iraq to determine conditions for US bases in the country
FRJun 17, 08Sarkozy announces army adjustment to anti-terrorist activity
FRJun 8, 08French minister criticized for backing judge in virgin marriage case
ITJun 3, 08Urgent UN food-summit takes place in Rome tomorrow
WDMay 26, 08HIV transmission criminalized in reformed angolan penal code
BUMay 16, 08Burma and China hit by natural disasters
ASMay 04, 08Austrian woman raped and imprisoned for 24 years by father
WDApr 21, 08UN triggers alarm bell over rising food-prices worldwide
FRApr 17, 08France rules against anorexia nerviosa, shakes fashion industry
USApr 13, 08Excessive religious freedom leads to human-right violations
WDApr 9, 08Olympic torch extinguished on its way to Pekin
NLApr 6, 08Geert Wilders releases anti-Islam movie
ROApr 4, 08NATO summit eases tensions with Russia
USMar 27, 08Worldwide famine looming on food scarcity, specialists say
CHMar 22, 08Switzerland criticized for signing a 25-year gas-deal with Iran
USMar 19, 08NY governor Paterson reveals extramarital affair after taking job
TIMar 16, 0830 Tibetans die in clashes with chinese military
USMar 12, 08Sptizer resigns as New York Governor
USMar 7, 08Bush vetoes a bill meant to forbid waterboarding
COMar 4, 08Ecuador and Venezuela used as safe havens for terrorists
USMar 1, 08Savings drop to 1933 level as US citizens are asked to shop
DEFeb 26, 08Germany rejects fiscal reform, declares war on Europe's tax havens
SBFeb 23, 08Serbians set US embassy on fire after Kosovo's independency
WDFeb 20, 08Military rulers in Cuba and Pakistan forced to step down
EUFeb 17, 08Nato chief urges security cooperation with Arab Gulf-states
USFeb 14, 08Bush to veto legislation passed by the Senat against waterboarding
TKFeb 10, 08Turkish parliament votes against headscarf ban in universities
USFeb 5, 08US Budget 2009 to increase military spending by USD 51.3 bln
HAFeb 3, 08Extreme-poverty conditions force Haitians to eat mud
IKFeb 2, 08Bombings kill 99 in one of Baghdad's most popular market
IKJan 30, 08Polls showing wide-spread pessimism among Iraqis
CHJan 27, 08The World Economic Forum 2008 ends on a positive note
THJan 23, 08Thailand's democracy confronted with military politics
USJan 22, 08World stock-markets plunge on expectations of a US recession
USJan 20, 08Presidential primary gathers steam as the US celebrates elections
USJan 16, 08US currency set to fall further on economic woes
AWJan 13, 08The Arab media shows disbelief on Bush's Mideast intentions
USJan 9, 08US upbeat on an Israelo-palestinian peace treaty in 2008
USJan 7, 08US Navy ships threatned by Iranian boats in the Strait of Hormuz
USJan 4, 08Crude oil hits a new high at USD100 this week on the NYMEX
FRJan 1, 08French extend smoking ban to 'conviviality' areas
ISRDec, 28, 07No deal found in dispute with Palestinians over East Jerusalem
PAKDec 27, 07Benazir Bhutto assassinated in a suicide attack
USADec 20, 07Fertility rate in the USA highest since 1971
TUR Dec 19, 07Turkish troops cross Iraq's Northern border with US approval
TURDec 16, 07Turkish planes bomb Northern Iraq with US approval
FRADec 15, 07The French socialist party greets capitalism and the market economy
NEDDec 13, 07Amsterdam introduces measures against sex traffickers
ISRDec 11, 07Israel not ready for Peace with Palestinian Authority
IDODec 8, 07China, US in Bali (Indonesia) say not ready for binding CO2 caps
VENDec 4, 07Venezuela today voted against a set of constitutional reforms
USADec 3, 07US intelligence report downplaying Iran's nuclear threat
PAKNov 29, 07Pakistan's Musharraf today quit his function as general
FRANov 28, 07Outbreak of new riots near Paris after two immigrants die
USANov 27, 07Bush is hopeful on Mideast talks
LBNNov 26, 07Lebanon has no more President, political crisis deepens
VENNov 25, 07Polls show Chavez is losing a major political battle
IRANov 24, 07Iran completed the nuclear fuel cycle
USANov 17, 07Senators blocked democratic spending bill for troop withdrawal
OESNov 16, 07The IAEA suggests Iran is minimizing cooperation
USANov 15, 07Violence sharply dropping since 9 Iranians detained in Iraq
CHI Nov 14, 07China vows to strengthen relations with Iran
USANov 13, 07North America releases four times more CO2 than it can absorb
ISRNov 11, 07Israel seen to increase sanctions on Gaza
USANov 8, 07Higher risk of US economic recession in the coming 6 months
USANov 4, 07Some of Bush's top US foreign advisers may testify in Israeli spy case
PAKNov 3, 07Pakistan announces state of emergency
USANov 2, 07Turkey, Irak and the US position themselves against Kurdish rebels
PALOct 29, 07No talks with Israel before a timetable for a Palestinian state is set
USAOct 25, 07Unilateral financial sanctions imposed on the Revolution Guards of Iran
USAOct 25, 07Two-State solution is in jeopardy as Middle East crisis is deepening
USAOct 23, 07The US Army is claiming good results in Iraq, supporting US policy
USAOct 23, 07Condoleezza Rice calls on to Iraqis to confront the kurdish rebels
USAOct 23, 07The Missile Shield project is put on hold to break Russian-Iranian alliance
USAOct 22, 07Renewed criticism to US Missile Shield project and forein policy in Iraq
TUROct 21, 07The Turkish parliament gives the Army green light to cross Northern Iraq

Fundamental policy change on Palestine

17. of January 2017

The Iran nuclear deal sets the beginning of a conflict of values.

May Iraq sectarian violence reaches near-record height

1. of June 2014

No end to violence in sight despite US troop withdrawal - Pic. copyrights

Shin Dong-hyuk gets GW Award 2014

18. of March 2014

Jerry Lee is honored to award this man of extraordinary spirit and courage the GW prize 2014.

Drone attack kills civilians in Yemen

13. of December 2013

A US drone attack killed 15 civilians yesterday. Attacks spur sympathy for Al Qaeda.

A revolution that ruined the country

29. of October 2013

Sirte gunmen in Libya snatch USD 54m from a bank van.

Clint Eastwood receives GW Award 2013

18. of April 2013

Jerry Lee is honored to award this man of sound social and economic stances the GW prize 2013. Copyrights Dreamtime.

US housing market recovers

5. of April 2013

US home sales jump in final quarter of 2012. Prospects good for 2013.

US Congress supports idea for 'drone courts'

9. of February 2013

Jerry Lee opposes 'Drone courts' idea. Will not substitute regular courts and guarantee people's rights.

Iraq VP Tariq al-Hashemi sentenced to death

9. of September 2012

Fugitive vice-president sentenced to death in absentia after found guilty of running death squads.

Baghdad not in control of Iraqi oil in Kurdistan

3. of August 2012

Kurdistan defies Baghdad on oil exports - furthers partitioning.

When civilians die, they call it 'Total War'

13. of March 2012

A fool Allied soldier kills 16 civilians in Kandahar villages - copyrights

Double veto against the Opposition in Syria

6. of February 2012

Again, Eastern powers align with Jerry Lee's policies: no street-revolution! Pic. Vladimir Putin, PM of Russia -

European Debt Crisis

18. of January 2012

Jerry Lee explains the phenomenon - and what needs to be done to avoid a cataclysm.

US Marines urinate on dead bodies

13. of January 2012

US Marines urination: 'deplorable' or 'Despicable'? Jerry Lee asks US Officials.

Speaking of Human Rights Violations...

25. of February 2011

Investigators say NATO killed 50 women and children in Afghan operation last week. Search Sitemap E-Mail
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